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V&S Ltd. belongs to the Society Vásquez and Sánchez Limited, represented by Mr. Miguel Vásquez Nanjarí and is located in Phillippi Nr. 326, Valparaíso in Chile.

The company enjoys a prestige recognized in the area of the frozen products, being its fort the products extracted from the sea as fishes, seafood and also in the item of the vegetables.

V&S is at the disposal of the Region like also of different cities inside and out of the country founded in 1994 and supported by numerous clients that trust in the high quality of our products and in their suitable prices.

We invite you to pertain to our clients' portfolio and this way also to enjoy our wide scale of products


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Phillippi 497 - Fono: (56-32) 2621999 - 2627754 - Fax: (56-32) 2629358
Valparaíso - CHILE